Supporting Effectiveness - Standards for the Lifelong Learning Sector

Professional and National Occupational Standards identify the values, skills, knowledge and competence required to support individuals within different roles. They provide a framework of good practice and play a key role in supporting provider effectiveness through use in recruitment and selection, staff development and performance Management.

'Supporting Effectiveness - Standards for the Lifelong Learning Sector: A User Guide' has been funded by the Welsh Governments Department of Education and Skills (DfES) as part of its commitment to supporting learning providers in Wales to improve and help them to reach and maintain the highest possible standards.

This Guide, the Case Studies and Example Role Profiles, developed in partnership with Colegau Cymru, NIACE Dysgu Cymru and NTfW aim to provide an introduction to the different standards available to the lifelong learning sector, and to demonstrate how they can be used as tools to effectively support individuals, managers and organisations.